Gilet polaire

couture / Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Bien sûr, le printemps pointe le bout de son nez, mais c’est encore un peu frais…De quoi terminer un en-cours et satisfaire ma crevette des îles !!! Un tissu polaire (Self tissus) déjà utilisé pour ce plaid, et voici un petit gilet qui me plait bien !! Vous aurez reconnu la robe au tricot, une vraie crâneuse à l’école !!!!

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  1. Thank you Velia ! Yes it’s machine embroidery, and i caught the fabric with it. I have just sewed the vest…I received your mail. Maybe try again today to subscribe, i can’t do it by myself. You can also like my Facebook page, so that way, you also have news from me ! For the bag exchange, take a look at this blog :
    you’ll see what you need to know. See you later !

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